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is a glutenfree cereal with a high mineral content, which is ideal as side dish for several main courses. even for bread baking or as a warm puree for breakfast. 


1 kg € 3,10

1 kg grounded € 3,70



brown millet


is one type of corn with the highest mineral content, which is glutenfree as well.

usage: mix raw and finely grounded organic-brown millet in prepared dishes and drinks (soups, yoghurt, muesli). recommended are up to 3 to 4 teaspoons a day. according to the cultivable area the protein content fluctuates between 5% and 15% b-vitamine (b1, b2, b6 and pantothenic acid). the unpeeled brown millet contains almost all minerals and traces minerals. it contains trice as much iron as wheat and is high in fluorine. its high content of orthosilicic acid and zinc has to be highlightend.


1kg € 5,--

1 kg grounded € 5,60




brownmillet helps to prevent loss of hair, brittle fingernails, bad circulation, slacking skin (wrinkles), as well as chronic tiredness, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia. no matter wehter you suffer from connective tissue weakness (varicose vein), haemorrhoids or forgetfulness - orthosilicic acid acts in our body as an ordinal- and protective element. it strengthens bones, gristles, conjunctive tissue and skin and cares for resilience, pliability and resistanceat all mucomembranouses and cell walls. 

orthosilicic acid cares for replenishment of hormones and regulates the water balance, it is also favourable for building up bones after a fraction. asthmatics can ease off through the brownmillet. inflammations - at the blabber for example - ease fast due to the brownmillet.


the basic of the future


the raw nutrients can be easily absorbed from the body and are base-forming and demineralise and so they prevent acidosis. brown spelt can't be peeled in contrast to gold spelt. our body is just able to digest the fine meltet brown spelt and so it is necessary to mill the raw brown spelt energetic. thereby the grist will not be heatet and the ingredients are conserved. it tastes mild and pleasant and belongs to the glutfree products.



spelt will make you happy


an additional reason to include spelt in a healty diet is its high nutritional value. in view of the amount on essential amino acids spelt surpasses most of the other types wheats, that's why hormons that work as moodlifters are stimulated. furthermore spelt contains vitamins b1 and b2, potassium, calcium, magnesium as well as the trace elements zinc, iron and cooper. uncommon is the high amount of orthosilicic acid, which has a positve effect on rationalness and concentration, as well as on healthy skin, hair and nails.

1 kg € 2,--


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