experience and enjoy nature

homemade dishes still taste best. especially when they are made with love. according to this philosophy we have cooked for years with the freshest ingredients, in order to satisfy every one. from people who fancy meat to vegetarians. the only things you can´t find at our place are flavour enchancers and microwavefood.

dishes for the very yound


• pooh - turkeycutlets with roast potatoes

• tigger - turkeyfillet with roast potatoes

• rabbit - extrawurst grilled with potatoe-vegetable-roasted

• ruh - pasta with turkeycreamsauce

• nemo - fried fish with potatoesalad


€ 5,50 incl. 0,25 soft drink


menu suggestions


• green salad with fried shrimps

• speltsoup with sliced pancakes 

• grilled salmon steak in parsleycream with butter potatoes

• fruit salad


€ 19,--


• haussulz (cured meat in gelatine) in pumpkin seed oil

• garlic soup 

• pork medallions with italian vegetables and potatoes

• raspberry yoghurt pie 


€ 18,--


• sheep milk cheese on marinaded zucchini

• herbalfoam soup

• turkey steak on mushroomcream with green pasta

• tirami su


€ 18,--


02.11.17 17:05

GANSL im November

GANSLZEIT im November vom 3.11 bis 19.11 

Wie jedes Jahr braten wir frisch und daher nur auf...

02.11.17 14:30

Erdäpfelknödel in vielen Variationen im November


Ausg´steckt is vom 3. November bis zum 19....

01.11.17 14:10

Gemüsebrunch am 17. Dezember ab 12.00 Uhr



Der Gemüsebrunch im Winzerhof.

Am Buffet saisonale Gemüse...

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